How to identify authentic
Gluta Colla

Step 1:

Check unique "hologram label".

Our Product 01 copy.jpg

Rounded hologram label in which an artwork of grape and brand logo can be found as shown in each authentic Gluta Colla product.

In Mix Berry, hologram label can be found at the bottom of the box pack.

Step 2:

Check QR Scratch Code behind the back.

Final QR copy.jpg

Starting from production batch of mid-2020, each individual Gluta Colla product is secured by QR Authentication Technology.

  • Behind the back of every authentic product, there contains a QR scratch code.

  • When scratched, it can be seen both QR code and a serial number unique only to the particular unit.

Step 3:

Scan the QR Code with your smartphone.

If the product is authentic, it will lead to a section of Gluta Colla's official website, indicating authentication is complete and verifying the product.

Reminder : "It is necessary to open internet connection when doing QR authentication. Please be sure to check your internet data."

If a product can be verified following above 3 steps, the product purchased can be said "authentic." Consumers can be rest assured to consume the product and enjoy the benefits without worries of dangers of counterfeits. 

Next customers are advised to register every Gluta Colla product following Step 4 and Step 5 in order to receive rewards from bi-annual lucky draw programs.

Step 4:

Register the serial number by filling out the form.

After filling the form and submitting the serial number, an email or a message verifying the number will be received. When the number is verified with confirmation email or message, a token for lucky draw program is registered with that serial number under sender's name.

Step 5:

Be ready to be excited for rewards!

Lucky Draw Winners.png

After submission of serial numbers, please remember to keep the QR Code labels. We are now creating Lucky Draw Program events every six-months period. Use the QR Code labels to claim rewards and prizes after lucky winners are announced!

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